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Barcelona Culture Barcelona the second biggest of Spains citys is the Capital of Catalonia. It is a city that has a long history and has many Cultural events. Festes de la Merce This is one of the main cultural events that takes place in September and it is a tribute to the patron saint of the city the Virgin de la Merce. It takes place on the 24th of September and there are manu events that lead up to the main event from the 22nd of September. The parade of the giants is one of the main parades that take place and there are also musical festivals that take place throughout the city and for the 3 days there are firework displays every night. If you are there one of the highlights during this festival is the human towers and the best place to view this in the Placa de Sant Jaume. If you do decide to drive to Barcelona for this event it will be impossible for you to do so during the festival not only because there are…show more content…
On this day most of the stores and entertainment venues are closed but on the Saturday it is classed as a normal day so every thing operates as normal. Barcelona mainly being Catholic hold mass on the Sunday and one will find the shops closed but a lot of restaurants will stay open for families to enjoy family days on the long weekend. Monday is a public holiday so very much like Sunday as far as the shops are concerned and of course there will be no Church services. Gran Trobada d’Havaneres This festival is to commemorate the long ties that Spain have had with Cuba. It is held on the last Saturday of June. Even though there are festivities in Barcelona the main event is held in the port town of Calella de Palafrugells. It is mainly a music festival with groups wearing striped shirts and strange names such as Peix

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