Advantages And Disadvantages Of Multiphase Induction Machines

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Advantages of Multiphase induction machines are numerous in Oil & Gas processing, manufacturing and automation industrial sectors, when compared to their three-phase synchronous machine counterpart. As the number of machine’s phases is essentially unrestricted when the motor is supplied from a power electronic switching converters, even though multiphase induction motor drives are potentially feasible solution for numerous applications, currently induction machines are not losing their importance in numerous applications, such as for instance electric ship propulsion, electric traction, electric and hybrid electric vehicles and in the aircraft. The purpose of this unit is to provide a review of the recent developments in the area multiphase induction motor control. Voltage source inverter has got popularity in control of induction motor as per the need of industrial applications. Fixed a.c three phase supply…show more content…
Hence, the whole system comes under the category of variable speed drives. Variable speed drives are available in two different operation modes as Variable frequency drives and PWM control drives. These two modes further come into a variety of configurations. At a basic level there are the single-stage frequency converter drives such as the Cycloconvertors and multi-stage frequency converter drives. Cycloconvertors are frequency changers that convert ac input power at one frequency to output power at a different frequency with a one-stage conversion process. Cycloconvertors are usually thyristor based and used in multi-megawatt applications. Another single-stage frequency converter is the matrix converter which uses high frequency bi-directional semiconductor switches and pulse width modulation (PWM) techniques to accomplish the frequency conversion. The switches are controlled by PWM to vary to magnitude both the magnitude and frequency of the output

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