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3.0 Drinking Behaviour in Malaysia Over the last decade, alcoholism is a dangerous pattern of alcohol consumption among young adults and a public health concern in the United States (US) (Naimi, Brewer, Mokdad, Denny, Serdula, and Marks, 2003) as alcohol can get easily from everywhere. In US, binge drinking usually peaked around 20–22year (Kuntsche, Rehm & Gmel, 2004). One of the predictor of alcoholism was the level of financial resources. In US, there is a research which include 700000 of respondents believe that during the economic downturns, for those employee that layoffs in the workplace or remain employed, it cause the alcoholism substantial increase (Dee, 2001). According to World Health Organization, US is one of the lowest rates of drinking in the…show more content…
In our country, it is legal to consume alcohol in most of the areas except for the Muslim, due to the Islam forbidding the consumption of alcohol (Blocker & Fahey, 2003). Just as the sale of alcohol or receiving the price of it is illegal for the Muslim. Therefore, it is illegal to give alcohol as a gift for them too (Yusuf, n.d.). Besides, Malaysia is a country of multi races group, which means that is impossible to determine a single drinking culture (Alcohol Rehab, 2012). Before the arrival of Europeans, there are scarcely no alcohol production and consumption in Malaysia. This is due to Malaysia is stick to compile with Islamic law, thus prohibiting the use of such narcotics. Since the 1930s, Malaysia has become a large international brewers and distillers hometown - including Guinness and Carlsberg. Malaysia is considered to be the 10th largest alcohol consumption in the world (Azizi, n.d.). The beer consumption in Malaysia is high and said to be similar to that of European countries. There is some controversy as to the authenticity of these statistics; Malaysia may be overestimating the level of alcohol consumption (Alcohol Rehab,

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