The Bystanders In The Matrix

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Even with all the robots, violence, and slow motion the underlying message of The Matrix is not hard to miss at all. It is actually fairly blatant and maybe a little too obvious. The message is that the world as people know is just a complex illusion. Now that message might seem too ridiculous, but it is a classic anarchist idea. The idea that society has created its own prison and fooled itself, either knowingly or unknowingly, into thinking that its world is perfectly good. The Matrix, in a more extreme case, is the illusion, it is the prison. It is the world as people back in 1999 knew it. The people within the matrix mainly don’t know that they are in the matrix. The world to them seems unique. colorful, and alive; but in reality they…show more content…
The prisoners come in many forms. They may be the completely unaware, who are simply bystanders. The bystanders are the majority of the people in the world and the matrix. The are the unnamed masses who roam the world living their lives completely oblivious to the truth that surrounds them, yet they are also collaborators who provide the most energy for for the matrix. The bystanders are the consumers and citizens of the real world who simply continue their lives even though disasters, crises, and crimes surround them. Then there are the somewhat aware, these are the people like Neo at the beginning who simply are discontent and notice flaws in the system in which they live in. Like Morpheus and the pills, the somewhat aware have a choice, they may pursue the truth, or wish to continue to live within the illusion. In the real world, these are the people who notice the suffering in the world and either chose to ignore them or find a way to understand and stop them. The third class of people are those who have chosen to find the truth, they are the activists of the world who seek to destroy the system, the matrix, in order to free humanity and save everyone. Just like the film the activist of the real world fight an uphill battle as the struggle for small victories against organizations and machines that are so powerful and large that it’s…show more content…
In The Matrix the machines are the masterminds behind the matrix and the enslavement of humanity. They hold humanity in contempt and use them as batteries to power themselves. In a twist of iron the machines were created by human beings who are now nothing more than cattle for the machines. In a similar sense the governments and corporations of the world were created to serve the peoples of the world, but now seem corrupt and self-serving. The machines in the matrix trick the people by stimulating their senses and the authorities in the real world control the masses by force feeding them non-stop distractions. The machines in the matrix pit humans against humans and the authorities in the real world start civil and global strife. The system, both in the matrix and in real life are human constructs that have gotten out of hand, that now control the humanity and cause

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