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Swami Dayanand Saraswati(1824-1883) was a Yug Purush. He came to the world with a special mission. Some have seen in him a great reformer Hindu Religion; some have admired him as the champion of the cause of women and the down-trodden. Swami Dayananda was one of the top religious leaders and social reformers of India. He waged a relentless war for the extermination of the social evils which had crept into our life and the maladies which were eating into in to our vitals. Shraddhanand Untouchability, child marriage restraint on widow remarriage and amelioration of the lot of women were some of the matters which attracted his particular attention. He stood like a rock to protect Hindu society from being swept away by cultural onslaughts. He…show more content…
There are few individuals in this history of India who represent within their life and teachings a happy blend and synthesis of Indian renaissance an reformation as does Swami Dayananda. He can well be described as the architect of Indian renaissance and reformation. Swami Dayananda’s teachings worked like an elixir for the drooping spirits Hinduism. He infused a new life blood into Hindu society and made it vibrant with fresh energy. He gave us a new sense of self-confidence and made us shed off any complex that long periods of alien subjugation and domination might have created within us. He wanted us to hold our head high and in the process he banished fear out of our hearts and taught us to be bold and courageous. Dayanand made his first attempt on social reforms by establishment of gurukuls or Vedic values. This initiative represented the first practical application of Swami Ji’s vision of social reforms. In place of idol worship, students were introduct with his concept of Sandhya every evening. This introduced a social regeneration in terms of Vedic culture in India. Swamiji, through schools, wanted to abolish discrimination and uplift the masses by means of education. DAV Schools were result of this

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