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Often times people read the word “Indian” and immediately envision an aggressive people dressed in tribal attire and war paint. The Niitsitapi, or more commonly known blackfoot Indian Tribe is a group of Native Americans who do fit this stereotype of nomadic warriors who believe strongly in tradition and values (“Blackfoot Indians”) People tend to associate Indians with strange habits and attire. This stereotype, like many, only matches a few groups, and not Native Americans as a whole. Many Native Americans had similar lifestyles and habits but have distinctive differences that set them apart from other tribes. The Blackfoot Indians are very unique in the way they lived, how they survived, the hardships they faced, and their legacy that still persists today. Blackfoot Indians were nomadic, changing location based on food demands and weather. Blackfoot Indians lived in northern Montana and southern regions of Canada, known today as Saskatchewan (“Blackfoot Indians”). The climate greatly affected the way they dressed. They had to wear thick layers to keep warm and shielded from the harsh cold winds and snow . Blackfoot Indians wore traditional Native…show more content…
Most of the Blackfoot people that live today still live in the Northern parts of the United States, still fairly close to the land they used to call their own. Today, in the Northern United States, many Blackfoot people still live, thrive and pass on tradition and heritage,as well as the same stories they were taught as children. Though times have certainly changed, the blackfoot people still hold ceremonies and festivals to celebrate their heritage. The Figure 1 below shows chatting between fellow Native Americans awaiting the celebrations of the Browning Festival. A celebration which honors how far they and their ancestors have come (“Blackfoot

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