Andrew Lang's Beauty And The Beast

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Have you ever wanted to figure out how many people can stay optimistic and hopeful even though they struggle greatly in life? Andrew Lang’s Beauty and the Beast explains several important themes that people can actually understand from a fictional aspect. The story explains the struggles of life in the eyes of the main protagonist, Beauty, who now must do what she can to help her family after they lose their wealth. The three main themes that apply well in this story are: patience is a virtue, keeping the promises you make, and do not judge a book by its cover. The first theme, patience, plays a critical role in the narrative of this story. The main protagonist, Beauty, is a young, respectful lady who soon must face responsibilities as she continues to keep her head up after her family’s home is destroyed. Beauty then decides that she must stay optimistic and do whatever she can to help her family, especially…show more content…
Patience is an essential part in the story for it explains that we all must wait and stay optimistic even though things backfire in our lives, just like how Beauty manages to stay optimistic and hopeful after her family’s home is burned down. Another theme, keeping promises, also has a powerful tone for it shows how much we are loyal and honest to others and how we can trust them, just like how the Beast trusted Beauty after she promised him that she would return back to him. The final theme, judging a book by its cover, is an extremely central part of the story for it shows us that even though we can look different (like the Beast himself), the trust is that we’re all human on the inside. Beauty and the Beast will forever be known for its lessons and how it shows how we all are the same, even though some of us enjoy life with “no” struggles and those who do have to sacrifice everyday to live in

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