Examples Of Bipolar Disorder In Hamlet

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Shakespeare visits various dimensions of the character of Hamlet, and his psychiatric disposition. There can be different possibilities of the diagnosis of his mental state, however I have deemed to be and individual with bipolar disorder. Individuals with bipolar disorder typically alternate between episodes of major depression and mania. In the beginning of Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet shows signs of extreme distress and melancholy, especially in the presence of his mother and the king, Claudius, whom he resents for taking his father’s place. There are several examples in which Hamlet displays this diagnosis. When people are depressed, they lose interest in their appearance and clothing, or are unable to find the strength to change their clothes or get dressed and face the day. In Act 1 scene 2, Gertrude says to Hamlet to cheer up and discard the unkempt and dark clothes. Hamlet replies that his outward appearance is only a portion of his true feelings. However, as depressed Hamlet seemed, his mood quickly became elevated. In the beginning of the play, Hamlet bitterly broods over his mother’s “adulterous” marriage, but soon after, he is ecstatic over Horatio’s arrival.…show more content…
Hamlet shows this in Act 1 scene 5 when Hamlet takes on the entire responsibility of repairing Denmark’s corrupted state after his father has been murdered, and when his mother has married Claudius the king, who is the murderer. Because of what seems to be his manic state, Hamlet believes that he is the only one in the state of Denmark who is capable and competent enough to fix the affairs of the country. It is not simply that he feels this as his duty, but rather that he feels he is the only person who can save Denmark. He places himself in an almost ethereal state of being, above his fellow

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