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Bipolar Disorder also known as manic depression is a mental disorder associated with periods of depression. With this mental illness, it can cause changes such as a person’s mood, sleep, behavior, thinking capability and energy. In Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology, the case study describes the overview of how a person with bipolar disorder may experience. The case study explains and describes the length of the symptoms of which occur for bipolar disorders. The case study above-mentioned showed how bipolar disorders can be common and affect our everyday lives. The case study discusses about George who experiences many symptoms throughout the years of his life. It stressed the fact that he was 35 years old, a husband and a father of two young…show more content…
George’s wife contacted the psychiatrist who had treated George for a previous episode two years prior. George was then prescribed lithium carbonate, which is a drug in which is used to treat both manic and depression phases an individual experiences. The case study shows how family history can relate to a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. In this case, George’s diagnosis can relate to his family history, such as his uncle Ralph who also suffered bipolar disorder. The medication helped George go back to work within a few weeks and help him maintain a normal environment for a period of…show more content…
As to when George was hospitalized, it was found that George had not been taking the prescribed medications as told. With a proper diet, George was told to follow a procedure of taking 2,100 milligrams per day. George had become involved in other therapy like activities, such as group counseling with other patients while hospitalized. Everything George experienced along the way, as to finding a treatment that would work for him; it affected his family life negatively. George with some support from friends had managed to control things better at the time being. Lithium carbonate as a prescribed medication had helped George and seeing a therapist helped in major ways as well for him. This helped him to control the drastic change occurring in his

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