Abigail Williams The Crucible

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The Crucible a story by Arthur Miller about witchcraft that takes place in salem where everyone goes to church and no one lies.Before all of thee witch craft stuff happened john proctor had a girl that was crushing on him her name was Abigail Williams. she really liked him but he didn't have the same feelings for her as she did for him.She was trying to get john to go out with her because his wife was sick and so she was flirting with him trying to get him to go out with her and leave his wife. But proctor didn't want to be that type of guy.Back then cheating was a whole different deal it isn't the same as today.These days it isn't that big of a deal there are thousands and millions of people cheating a day back then it wasn't as common and…show more content…
When john proctor went out with abigail williams is that she is kind of crazy and psycho and when she realized that John wasn't going to ever like her again and that he only liked her because he thought Elizabeth was going to die and when abigail saw that she started to blame people of witchcraft until she got what she wanted and that wasn't going to happen so she ended up getting allot of people suspected for witchcraft and a lot of people got killed just because one girl got jealous.After she found out that her lies were working she just kept it up and started to get a lot of people put in jail and court.Later on the courts started to tell the convicted if they don't confess they will be hanged so some of the innocent people ended up confessing and getting to live but they have to do jail time.Some people didn't want to confess because they would be ruining their family's name and they wouldn't want to ruin their family's lives too.Finally she accuses and frames Elizabeth by giving her a doll with a needle stuck in the stomach and then later that night abigail stiicks a needle in her stomach and blames Elizabeth by saying she is being controlled by her.During John's trial he confesses to cheating on Elizabeth not knowing that elizabeth denied it trying to save John's name for his family because even though she is mad at him for cheating she doesn't want to ruin his reputation just because of something that she will get over in a period of time.All of the things that take
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