The Destructive Ambition In The Film All About Eve

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All about Eve is a sardonic film of 1950 by Joseph Mankiewicz which details the ups and down and the struggles of the theatre life. It demonstrates what you have to do in exchange for success in the theatre industry, this is done by using characters such as Eve Harrington and Margo Channing who both have a different paths towards obtaining success. But what they both have in common is the precious values of egotism and ruthless ambition which drives them and fuels them on their path to success in the theatre. Eves uses ruthless ambition, ego and also her skill of harsh manipulation to achieve and get what she wants. Margo uses the ability of egotism and ruthless ambition to succeed and stay on top of the theatre game. There are other values…show more content…
Eve uses a façade to hide her real idenitly and puts on a show throughout the film, starting from the start she is portrait as innocent and given sympathy and offering for help from everyone around her because of gentalness and simplesness, even Margo calls her a “lose lamb” Eve missuses uses this sympathy and Karens help and uses this as a stepping stone so she can get known and use the circle of friends provided by Karen and Margo to broaden her chances of getting known which eventualy will help her in getting successful. This is done by her egotisticness as she is so devoted on being famous that she doesn’t care of using people to gain attention and success this use and throw relation surfaces when Eve asked Karen to come in the women’s bathroom for a important talk and tries to show that she used Karen that she is sorry for using her and that she regrets it now and when asked by Karen on how she can make things better Eve responds and tells her to let her play the part of Cora, socked and surprised at the extent Eve will go to in order to use her and gain the part of Cora Karen denies and get blackmailed by Eve of what her and Llyod did to Margo to not let he reach foe her audition and expose it to Addison also when asked “all this for a part in a play” Eve responds with “ I can do a lot more for a part this good” this clearly shows eves harsh manipulation, ego and ruthless ambition

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