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Mind Over Matter Giving truth to Darwin’s theory of natural selection, Manhattan, one of the most vibrant, opportune cities in the world, is where only those mentally strong and self- empowered will survive. In such a dog-eat-dog society, very few people are able to handle this tough environment long enough to achieve their goals, suggesting that the harsh atmosphere that surrounds these aspiring workers weeds out the weak who cannot handle the fast-paced momentum of Manhattan. Only those willing enough to crush other people on their way towards success will be able to prosper in this cut-throat environment. There is a certain mindset associated with “Manhattanites” that emphasizes the importance of getting to where you want to be in life…show more content…
She states, “That [Old] Soho no longer exists, of course, but it’s part of the reason we’re all here, crowded on this narrow strip of a narrow island,” (Find Your Beach). Those who had once established their home as Manhattan in the mentioned, “Old Soho,” serve as inspiration to the present society trying to find their purpose in this opportune atmosphere. However, those past opportunists sought to find their success in a positive, pure atmosphere; they too stressed becoming independent but without stepping on others to get to that point. Throughout her essay Smith struggles to find the balance between being ruthless and allowing others to walk all over her. Similar to those who surround her on the streets of Manhattan, Smith finds that she is trying to convince herself she is happy as a way to mask her sense of disconnect from the pitiless people around her and the lifestyle the choose to…show more content…
“You have to live each moment as if you’re prepared to die,” and by accepting his illness rather than dwell on it, Broyard was able to devote the time he had left satisfying his desires and making his final mark on the world (345). In Broyard’s eyes, “Desire itself is a kind of immortality,” (344s). The pursuit of achieving dreams or personal goals keeps us from dwelling on the boring parts of each day and rather what we feel passionate about. As a writer, Broyard’s wanted to leave his mark in society and by achieving his goals he felt alive up until the very last day he passes. Although he has passed away, he left his pieces of writing behind, portraying a sense of immortality in his soul so that his writing can keep part of him alive. Self- acceptance although very frightening to face can provide us with the opportunity to assess our life and whether we are focusing on the correct aspects of our lives. Humans often tend to be pessimists, always seeing things negatively, but experiences such as Broyard’s can help us realize that situations we perceive to be a big deal are nowhere near as important as we may make them out to

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