Beowulf As An Epic Hero

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I read the story of Beowulf, an Anglo Saxon hero, I found many similarities between his story and mine. Like Beowulf, we all face many challenges in our lives. Whether they be large or small, we all face something that changes us. I may not be an “Epic Hero” but I have faced struggles of my own and they are similar to Beowulf. Beowulf triumphed over the monster Grendel and its mother in a similar way that I conquered my dreadful sister. Even though he died in his fight with the dragon he still defeated it and got to see the treasures he gained for his kingdom before his demise. In a similar way, when my mother died, I still got to see her before she left us and that gives me peace in the same way Beowulf seeing the treasure did for him. If…show more content…
When my siblings came to live with my family, we had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into. They were unbathed and underfed. Beowulf was not afraid of what he didn’t know but he had waited that faithful night when the other men had slept. He lay awake eager to meet his enemy. The night before they came I did not sleep at all. I lay there and wait all night because I knew not the challenges I would face. Beowulf ended up defeating this monster and moving on to a bigger problem. Grendel’s angry mother looking for revenge. After they were there for a few days, that’s when the real problems started. My sister moved into what became our room instead of my room. We had to share a tiny bathroom and one dresser. She never kept her things neat and her bunk was never made. It was terrible. All we ever did was fight. Until the day her mother came to get her. I remember it well because she left on Christmas. That day, Grendel’s mother…show more content…
His friend watching the battle can see that he needs help. His sword is worn out, the dragon had bitten Beowulf on the neck, and his companions had fled in fear except one man named Wiglaf. He came to Beowulf’s aid and stabbed the dragon in the stomach. After they had vanquished the evil serpent Beowulf gave Wiglaf instructions to to inspect the dragon’s treasure and bring him a sample of it. He said that death will be easier if he sees the treasures that he had liberated. I added that summary in my essay to better explain to you my biggest problem. In the same way that Beowulf fought the dragon I had fought depression for the longest time. My grades were the sword Beowulf was using and his strength was my happiness, both were worn out. A support group that I went to was my Wiglaf and at the time the only difference between Beowulf and I was that he died and I didn’t. When Wiglaf reach out to Beowulf it reminded me that a friend of my family had reached out to me and introduced me to my group. The thing I will always remember and it still helps me today is the words of one woman from the group I went to that lost her daughter. Those words are like the treasure that Beowulf had seen and what she said was…”We got to see them and spend their last moments with them. Remember that, because you were there for her and she is here for you now.” Every time I become depressed or angry with myself

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