Hank Schrader's Anxiety Disorders

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Hank Schrader, a man of admiration, suffers from low self esteem, a disorder that creates anxiety for the sufferer. The person, who suffers, believes they are unworthy of indulgence in life, or even the company of the people they love most. Schrader’s low self esteem is apparent in his behaviors where he compensates for his self-depreciation. Lois Tyson explains that the unconscious is a “dynamic entity that engages us at the deepest level of our being.”The unconscious protects people from their fears and anxieties through defenses. These defenses are the behaviors people express, and by analyzing these behaviors, one can understand the core issue. Notably, Hank, a police-force DEA and Walter White’s brother in law is first introduced at…show more content…
In the scene where Walter, Hank and Hanks partner are all in the truck waiting to bust a methamphetamine lab, Hank tells Walter which house they are focusing on, and when he couldn’t name the color of the house, his partner told him ’sage.’ However, because Hank unconsciously needs to be the better man, he retaliates to his partner’s comment, which is seen as more intelligent by Hank, he emasculates his partner “Sage? Do you work at the fucking Pottery Barn? Jesus.” By emasculating his partner, Hank becomes the more manly man. Then he explains why the DEA men are wearing gas masks. Hank says there could be mustard gas, to which Walter absentmindedly corrects him with “Phosphine gas, I think,” and Hank replies in agreement so as to not look as though he didn’t know the correct term. Impervious to his need to be the better person, and whether it is in relation to education or masculinity, Hank subconsciously projects his feelings on those around him. By emasculating his friends and colleagues, he can successfully act out his anger towards his own feelings of masculinity. Basically, he belittles his loved ones as he would to himself, however, he does not know how to cope with his frustration and therefore takes it out on his loved

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