Being Rescued From Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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If you were faced with the situation of beingg stuck on an island what would you eat , where would you sleep , how would you survive and the biggest question of all is how would you be rescued ? In Lord of the Flies by William Golding , Published in September 17, 1954 . British boys from a prep school are stuck on an island after a plane crash and now they must deal with problems such as being rescued, staying sane and not becoming savages , and dealing with themselves or should I say the inner monster within? If you had happened to be stranded on an island wouldn’t you instantly want to be rescued or find ways to be rescued? Well for the boys Ralph is trying his best to have them rescued by doing certain things but it seems to be whenever he wants to do good for everyone then someone else is going against him and that someone is jack , Jack does not want to do…show more content…
Ralph knew that by having a signal fire it would be easily sighted and brighten their chances of getting off the island as soon as possible, but ralph also knew that as the chief he would need to keep the boys updated as well as let them know how the could help provide something to the group and he would do exactly that by using the conch as his voice , once the conch was blown a meeting was in session and the one who had possession of the conch would speak. By doing this it still kept order but also a sign of hope. Being one of the oldest kids on the island it can be hard to be leader of so many kids and you run into problems where you cannot always have everyone to have the same mission as you no matter how important it may seem , "I'm chief. We've got to make certain [that there is no beast]. Can't you see the mountain? There's no signal showing. There may be a ship out there. Are you all off your rockers?" (Golding, 1954, ch 6.238) . All Ralph wanted to do was make sure the signal fire was running at all times because that was their only way

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