Being Human Vs Frankenstein

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The debate over Frankenstein's creature being human is an ongoing discussion, but it is really based on the person perspective on the actions that he took. In my opinion, the creature is like any other human with the same emotions, making mistakes, and realizing them. Although there might have been things that may seem not human, but relating to these days, there has been unfortunate killings by many people. The only difference in the creature and humans is the deceiving looks of the creation. Despite the other viewpoint, there is more human like idiosyncrasies in the creature than what it appears. In addition, as any other human has, the creature has emotions. On page 192, he says a few last words about his experience of the want to be…show more content…
The possibilities could have been endless for the great things he could have done, just seeing the poor family suffering with poverty, the creature helps gather up food and wood without the family knowing who was doing it (Volume 2 Chapter 4 pg. 96). The pictures show us that he had decided to steal their food before knowing their situation with impoverishment, but once he saw what seems to be the daughter giving food to the blind man who doesn't know that they are not eating. The creature then feels some type of emotion of guilt and puts their food down and went out to collect food and wood for them to replace the stolen food and to make them feel what he wanted the most, happy. On page 102, he finds the journal in which Victor created and as the creature reads he finds the fragment where Victor talks about the ''...hateful day...when I received life!!!'' and as any other person would have reacted, he became resentful towards Victor and his vile words. From this, he not only…show more content…
However, on page 107, the creature began talking to the blind man and seems to be a normal person talking one on one and the man soothingly said ''I am blind and cannot judge of your countenance, but there is something in your words which persuades me that you are sincere.'' The only reason why the man did not run away was because he did not see his outward appearance, otherwise, he would've ran out of there the moment they laid their eyes on him like the rest of the characters in the book. If all the people were blind, they could see the generous creation that could have come their way, but they decided to judge a book by its cover and never got to see the full potential of use that he could have brought. At the end of the chapter, the creature began to feel the worthlessness of living because of all the guilt and sadness that he felt, '' I have devoted my creator to misery; I have pursued him even to that irremediable ruin.'' The creature then gives in to his fate and commits suicide because he knows that once Victor died, there was no possibility of him ever being happy and that nothing could ever be turned

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