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This is a documentary. The thesis of the documentary is that Polio was very contagious, and it faced many challenges to find a cure for it. It was made in 1998 by Nina Gilden Seavey. The source won the News & Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Research. The source was created to inform us about Polio disease. I am going to base most of my research based on this source. A Paralyzing Fear. Dir. Nina Seavey. Distributed by First Run Features, 1998. Film. • Polio: Asymptomatic: from 100 people who came in contact with it only 5 showed symptoms • March of dimes was a great fundraiser for the research cost of polio’s cure. It was even advertised in cinemas, asking people to donate whatever amount they could. • In 1935 dr. john Kolmar made the…show more content…
March of Dimes. Charleston, S.C.: Arcadia Pub., 2003. Print. This is a Book. His thesis is that March of Dimes was very helpful. The Book was wrote in 2003. David W. Rose made this book. The book was made for public. The book was written to inform us about the significance of March of Dimes, and the people who helped this foundation. I will use this source to tell people that many people did contribute to this foundation. March of Dimes by David W. Rose • Carol Hicks was a girl with polio, who played U.S Marine Corps hymn with Glockenspiel, and living inside her Iron Lung (PG29.) • Barret Hoyt was the first person to get saved by the Iron Lung in 1929. He sent a gift to 3 years old James Robinson for Christmas and some artwork for him to stick on his Iron lung collar to bring comfort to him. After that it became a tradition for people to do what Barret did. (PG29) • Willi Mays, the New Yorker giants player, also known as the “say hey kid”, was one of the many celebrities who helped the march of…show more content…
She was placed in a temporary iron lung during the child labor process.(PG30) • Richard Nixon participated in Pumping for Polio Day in 1955, he pumped gasoline in a Washington gas station(PG80) Berish, Amy. "Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum."Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum. FDR LIBRARY. Web. 22 Sept. 2015. This is a letter. The letter has been typed with a type machine. October 11, 1924 is the date that this letter was written. 36th president of USA, FDR, wrote this letter to a doctor. The document was created so that FDR could express his experience with the disease “first symptoms of the illness appeared in August, 1921”. I will use this that document to show that whether you are rich or poor or middle-class you will get this disease, even if you are the President. • Roosevelt was partly paralyzed in only 3 days • He expressed his experience to the doctor in a detail. • He tested his quadriceps’ strength in water. He went into water, and he observed how much of his weight he could support. • Using brace did not help to develop bones, and he mentioned that in order to get your bones strong again you need to be

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