How Does Steinbeck Show Interest In The Chrysanthemums

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In Steinbeck's "The Chrysanthemums" Elisa, was a woman that felt disconnected by her surroundings. She was working hard to change and then realized she will always be imprisoned by her thoughts. Elisa opens her door of acceptance to the man, because she wants someone to understand her, and she is looking for excitement. Being buried behind her flowers, she longs for matter how hard she tries she accepts what she has been dealing with for so long Elisa is a lonely woman who enjoys growing and nourishing her chrysanthemums. Since her husband is always working by the fence. He never pays Elisa attention or shows her any affection. When her husband says: “he wish she would work in the orchard and raise some apples”, she felt as if he does not even care about her. Elisa decides to just take care of her chrysanthemums. Because she is so detached from the world, Elisa looks at her garden as if it is a cage that protects her from harm. Soon, everything changes, when the man arrive. When he shows interest in the Chrysanthemums, Elisa, decides to let go of the irritation, and begins to reach out towards the outside world.…show more content…
When he mentioned that the flowers were beautiful, she start to feel appreciated and now she is attracted to the man with the wagon. His compliment about her flowers leads her to feel like he can enter her world. When the man asks Elisa to help another lady, Elisa feels excited, and eager to help. After hearing the man describe of his profession, Elisa wanted to explore more she wished women could do such things." The disappointment for what Elisa wished for, when the man stated what a woman’s purpose I life was. The change happens when Elisa finally realizes she must let the man go on his own journey. Elisa gains confidence and sees how beautiful she can
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