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Buddy Holly was born Charles Hardin ‘Buddy’ Holley, on September 7, 1936 in Lubbock, Texas. On his first record contract the “e” of Holley’s name was dropped, making the masses know him as Holly. Holly was the fourth and youngest child to Lawrence Odell “L.O” Holley and Ella Pauline Drake (Gribbin 12). One of his two older brothers, Larry, once said “He certainly wasn’t a goody-goody” (Amburn 9), when asked what Buddy was really like. From classmates, former fellow juvenile delinquents to churchgoers, they all mention that he was very different from the “dork” that he appeared and often portrayed in photographs (Auburn 9). My grandfather would often tell stories of Buddy Holly to my family; they often revolved around Buddy and Joe B. in their…show more content…
They were all asked if Buddy or his muck influenced them. Davis’s answer was very simple with “In my eyes, he proved that a kid from a small town could live his dreams.” (Kerns). I have it on good authority from my grandmother Davis was also jealous of Holly’s success in the small town of Lubbock after Holly’s death. Ingrid Kaiter’s answer was more in depth, “it was by listening to his music and hearing stories of how he stood his ground and did things the way he felt, that encouraged me.” John Pickering’s reply was heartwarming, “Buddy influenced me to keep singing and writing songs no-matter what the obstacles may be, to “make hay while the sun shines.” He worked hard in music with a maturity beyond his years. He accomplished so much in 22 years that he changed the face of music and influenced many lives and careers. I have tried to honor him with two published tribute songs: “Buddy Holly Not Fade Away” and “Forever 22”.” (Kerns). While Holly’s big name influences were mostly in the European countries they went on to help Holly’s legacy influence millions more in generations to follow around the

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