Mean Girls Book Vs Movie

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Movies are sometimes made to portray real life. In Mean Girls the movie, the director does a good job of showing how high school girls interact but tends to enhance some parts to make it more interesting. The differences between the movie and real life are not easily distinguishable but the similarities stand out. “That’s why her hair is so big: It’s full of secrets.” In Mean Girls the movie a major focal point was the Burn Book, because it was full of secrets. The burn book consist of many rumors that are not always true, such as, teachers on drugs, teacher student affairs, and who made out with who. Rumors involving teachers are the worst because it can lead to lives being ruined. The burn book focused heavily on what the teachers did wrong. Ms. Norbury was accused of dealing drugs, which was false, while Coach Carr was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. One can see that not all of these rumors could possibly be true. The mean girls however were correct on the Coach Carr situation, but were wrong about Ms. Norbury. Revenge is…show more content…
After the huge burn book explosion everything went to hell, girls were fighting over boys and teachers. Girls were also ripping clothes off of their bodies while, the boys were scared and calling their parents. Ms. Norbury had all of the girls gather in the gym and have a group meeting. Everyone in that room said that they had felt personally victimized by Regina George and Janis Ian told the whole school her revenge plan. This lead to Regina storming out and getting plowed down by a bus. It depends on who is being asked to find out what really happened. It was either she ran out in front of the bus or, Cady pushed her in front of the bus. Just like everything else, it depends on perspective, which will change a story completely. Instead of solving their problems with words, the girls used physical strength to get their

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