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Baseball players would try and get paid off for losing the World Series, Most of the people would bet on the players and give signs to let the players the know whether to win or lose. A lot of the players would get offered money but they refused to be a part of the scandal. During the scandal the players would be betted and gambled on. People offered to pay them 20,000 but so many of the players refused to be a part of their plots. Most gamblers were usually seen at the baseball games. The fixing is to change the outcome of the game, more than half of the gamblers were linked to the fix. The gamblers would pay in advance and some of the players would complain but would go alone with it anyways. The investigation got deeper and more…show more content…
Meanwhile, Comiskey hired a private detective to investigate the finances of seven of the eight men who were part of the conspiracy. The same day in the court room the Coach got a telegram stating the eight players were suspended as a member of The Chicago American League Baseball Club. Burns described meetings in New York with Cicotte, Gandil and Maharg during which the fix was being talked about. Burns testified that he and Maharg went to see Arnold Rothstein at a race track to talk about the money that would be paid for the fix. Two days before the World Series Burns and many other gamblers met up seven of the players to pay the money they promised for each throwing of the game which was $20,000. Burns stayed in the court room for Three days to give his story and after he gave his story, the gamblers stated that his story was indeed correct. The whole game and half of the players that were involved were subjected to a crime of tricking the Nation, fans and many others. It’s so sad because not all of the players wanted to be involved in the fix. The other half of the players wanted to actually play and win without betting. The coach has such a good heart and was such a good person but he just had a problem with betting money to lose on purpose. Personally I wouldn’t agree with it either it’s…show more content…
It helped better understand about the Scandal and showed you what they became popular, back then in the history of sports the hit it off the charts. One of the important players in the scandal, gambler Abe Attell, later said that the fix was known as the “cheaters cheating cheaters”. They pretty much played and cheated each other right in front of their face. Hustling money and receiving money to change the outcome of their game which is not fair for the players that works hard to win and has to lose because their other team mates get paid to lose. Burns was very over whelmed at the prosecution and the way he had to sit back and listen to the people tell the truth about the whole story. He went through a very long process of three day. The trial was very long and hard for him, Burns did tell the truth about having the scandal and giving money to lose their games. The jury came to a verdict for every one that was involved in the scandal or fix was guilty and got five years in the penitentiary, they also got fined $2,000 for each

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