The Inciting Incident Analysis Essay

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1A)…Exposition: Emily Grierson, Homer Barron, the people of the town and Tobe. The plot took place in a small town of Jefferson in Mississippi (The reason I chose this, because these characters and the location are the main points of the story. Inciting Incident: Emily Grierson vs the people of the town and Homer Barrow (The reason, I believed this is the inciting incident. When her Father died, she isolated herself from the public. She didn’t go around nobody nor did the people come to visit her. When Homer Barron arrived from the North as a contractor, he was regularly seen with Emily. So she thought, he was going to marry her but Homer Barron was frequently visiting the pub with the local young men. Rising action: When Miss Emily Grierson went to the druggist to purchase the poison. (I think this is the rising action because, the townspeople had speculated that; she wanted to kill herself or kill Homer Barrow. And when she refused for the body of her father to be removed from her house Climax: purchasing the poison (I believe, this is the climax of the plot) after buying the arsenic and the townspeople stopped seeing Homer Barrow, so there were rumors; she killed Homer Barron Falling Action: When she refused to pay her taxes and a foul odor was coming from her house, and she didn’t take care of the odor Resolution: When Miss Emily passed away (I chose this because, this is when the people of…show more content…
But however, I think the characters from “Bartleby the Scrivener” are much easier to comprehend than the characters of “A rose for Emily”. Because the narrator of “Bartleby the Scrivener” spent more time to describe each character and illustrated their roles. Unlike “A rose for Emily”, most of the characters are mysterious and the narrator didn’t really elaborate on each character and their

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