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A baseball field is like any other historic monument in the world. Whenever I attend a game, or play in one, as soon as I step out onto that field a rush of content fills my soul. Many say you change out there due to the competitive nature of the game, which is true. But, the things you feel on the diamond are unlike any other. You grow a special bond with the field despite if it’s a sandlot for a wiffle ball game, or game 7 of the World Series in Boston a feeling of comfort and relief sweep you off your feet and don’t put you down until the game is over. Baseball, America’s past time, is much more than cracker jacks and hotdogs. To those who play baseball it’s a sense of comfort to know despite what had happened earlier, despite the day to…show more content…
The guys are joking around with each other, or are playing games with cups, or sunflower seeds. It may look as if they don’t care, but they are acting like this due to feeling of companionship with each other and with the diamond. The relationship the players have with the field it makes them feel comfortable and they can bring out a personality that only the field brings out in them: “Nobody said work baseball! They said play baseball! To me that means having fun,” (Willie Stargell). In order to be a good ball player you always have to have fun and that’s what a baseball field does, it allows you to have fun. It may be due to the competitive nature of the 9 athletes, or the bond the players have with each other, but for me it’s the feeling I get when I hear the crack of the bat, the sound of the crowd chanting, the wind blowing in my face as I stand ready to make the game-winning play. All of these feeling make me fall more and more in love with the game and make me feel so comfortable that whenever tough times seem to be my way he only thing I can think of is to get out to the field and just play

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