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Why is it that heroes are often only regarded as being always up to the task and never having any downfalls? In the book Our Twisted Hero by Yi Munyol, Han Pyongt'ae, the protagonist, is the twisted hero. Han is our twisted hero because he tries to do heroic acts in very unusual ways. Han is an unusual hero because he is not always up to the task and has downfalls but still wants to cause change. In order to explain why Han is the twisted hero a clear definition for twisted hero is needed. Twisted in this case means messed-up (how other people perceive him/her) or unorthodox. A hero is someone who stands up for others and always does what is right, even when it is not easy. Combining these, the definition of a twisted hero is a person who…show more content…
Han is trying to convict Om Sokdae, the antagonist, of how he is mean to everyone. “To give the precise figures, fifteen of thirty-two revealed my misdeeds: buying sweets on the way to and from school; going into comic stores; leaving school not through the main gate but through a hole in the barbed wire fence at the back; kicking the bamboo supports in someone’s cucumber patch; pulling hairs from the rump of the horse ties below the bridge-all the petty offenses a boy might commit were arrayed more neatly there than I could actually remember them. … The staggering thing was Om Sokdae. My paper was the only one that said anything about him” (48-49). The indictments convicted Han of very small things instead of convicting Om of very big things, the exact opposite of what Han intended. It was mainly a mistake for the teacher to make the students write down anything the felt was wrong with the class. Om almost definitely told the class to never tell anyone anything bad that he does. Then, when the teacher modified what they should write, the students (some of them) wrote down small things about Han and a few others just to write something down. Heroes are in the end successful in their efforts; Han played barely any part in finally getting Om out of the…show more content…
Han was as his part of a classroom cleanup assigned to clean some windows, a large but manageable job. “Now that I knew success and failure were not related to my efforts, but to how Sokdae felt, I no longer wanted to labor in vain” (67).. Han's plan was to use this as an opportunity to please Om because Om is very mean and makes everyone completely obey him. Om wouldn't accept Han's job because of little, if any at all, ways that the windows aren't clean. Han now knows that the windows cleanness doesn’t affect him being passed. He is not giving up and going with Sokdae. Heroes generally don’t sit back and not end up changing anything; Han doesn’t end up change anything himself. Heroes sometimes have to pretend to go along with the bad things and only later do something large, but in the end the new 6th grade teacher takes care of the problem, not

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