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The Epicureans claim that the pleasurable life is the good and moral life. They also think that the best way to remain happy is to not desire anything. Keeping that in mind, we can comprehend that a drunken stumble bum, like Barney Simpson, can never be morally superior to a saintly person like Mother Teresa, who sacrificed her personal interests to help others. Barney Simpson is a character from the show called the Simpsons. As most people who watch the show may know how selfish, greedy, and self centered he is. It may be true that he leads a pleasurable life at his own terms, but there is one thing he constantly does— want things. His unlimited cravings in life always leads him to take irresponsible decisions. If Epicureanism still existed today, Barney would certainly not be a valid representation of the Epicurean people and culture. On the contrary, Mother Teresa, as we all know, was one of most inspirational women once alive. She was a Roman Catholic missionary born in the Ottoman Empire that had no requirement to serve others but yet she decided to leave all her wealth and migrate to another country (India) to help the poor. Many have questioned, "Why help others…show more content…
On one hand there is a selfless woman who never asked for anything life and helped people instead. On the contrary, there is a drunkard that constantly desired things from life and is always narcissistic. When we look at the big picture, Mother Theresa led a more pleasurable life than Barney because she never wanted anything in return for her good deeds, proving the Epicureans' theory to be accurate. There were many instances in which Epicureans theory can be closely related to Mother Teresa's life because she chose a simple lifestyle, like dressing in a plain white, cotton saree everyday. This can be related to the belief that a simple life is the advocacy to the greatest

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