Lady Macbeth Book Report

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1880 It had been Annabeth had seen her parents, let alone spoke to them ,so on thats cold winters day in november when she had received that letter from her parents asking her to visit she jumped at the chance. When annabeth was 12 her parents sent her off to an abroad artist collage in france for gifted artists. sure annabeth was gifted but her skills only grew in immensity during her years at the academy and before she knew it men and women from all over france were lining up to buy a piece of her artwork. her booming success in the world of french art gave her a large income that she was able support herself with. Her fame and independence had caused her to forget about her old life and family back in england.When annabeth had through…show more content…
it was the boy from the train station he was covered in knives and sharp stakes the boy glanced at annabeth before launching himself at the vampire pulling out a long straight blade from his coat and slicing the vampire before he could react to what was happening. claudius let out a high pitched sreeek and gripped his wound. “you pestilent hunter!!” he screeched “when will you learn to stay out of my way!’ the vampire lunged towards the boy swiping his taloned hands at him , but the boy was too quick, he dodged and quickly stabbed claudus in the chest then violently pulling the blood stained sword back out again. The vampire screeched and doubled over onto the floor , blood oozing from his

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