Stereotypes In The Film 'Bella Martha'

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Bella Martha is a film that represents the multicultural phase in Germany. Germans, on the whole, are generalized as perfectionists, especially when it comes to the automotive industry, so was Martha in this film. She is represented as severe, and uptight but as a successful master chef in an upscale restaurant in Germany. Her ego is revealed at the beginning of the movie when she confronts one of the customers for disliking her creation. And this ego, according to my understanding, makes her incompetent when she tries relating to others. The incompetency to form relationships with others is clearly shown in Martha’s discussion with her therapist. Food was the only topic that she talked about, even when the therapist wanted to change the subject.…show more content…
In contrast to Martha’s character, Mario the hired chef is shown as fun loving, charming, and carefree as that of an Italian (stereotype). He is not only a great cook but also is good with children. This is shown when he cooks pasta for Lina and makes her eat it with ease, unlike Martha; whose several attempts do the same had failed. But with Lina and Mario in her life, her severe and uptight nature is shown as slowly disappearing. Moreover, the movie shows how Martha is now happy, balanced and is able to manage her life only after allowing her to be influenced by a different culture. In this way, it is shown how the southern warmth of the Italian people complements the German culture by relaxing it. The aspect to dislike about this movie is the assumption of stereotypes. It puts Germans as being the non-fun lovers while putting the Italians as being heart warmers, which clearly is not the case. Every person’s is affected by the surroundings that he or she was brought up in, and this tends to shape a person for being who they are. In contrast to this, Soul Kitchen brings about a whole another different aspect of multiculturalism

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