Baby Boomer Comparison

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The Baby Boomer generation and the Millennial generation share one similarity – They are both the two highest populated generations. However, through their past experiences, they have vast contrasting traits. To understand the reasoning of their differentiating behaviour and how to best interact with both demographics, it is crucial to explore their pasts. As members of the Baby Boomer generation begin to retire from the workforce and the ambitious Millennial young adults begin to enter, it is necessary to understand the qualities of the labour force to ensure that the right managing techniques are used to create an efficient and harmonised work environment. As the last of the Baby Boomers at aged 51 in 2015 begin to retire from the workforce, their work habits customary. Growing up, this generation was raised in an era where the father was the breadwinner in a single income home. As children, they were “encouraged to be independent, self-examining and confident” (Strauss and Neil), given the freedom to experience life as it comes.…show more content…
Growing up, this generation was raised by busy working parents in a dual income home. Incredibly sheltered by their parents, catered to, and showered with medals for participation, they were shielded by the harsh realities of life (citation). As children, they are kept busy with schedules involving sports teams, clubs, and camps, leading them to work at ease in groups. They were raised with strong morals and thus hope to be the next great generation and right all the wrongs from illness to global warming. In school and work environments this generation seeks authority, leadership, and feedback also working exceptionally well in teams.

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