Social Injustices During The Progressive Era

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In the beginning of the 20th century marks a time of great social injustice. The industrial city is filled with poverty, social, and economic injustice. Out of all this chaos arose a group of people who wanted reform; these people were known as the Progressives. In the textbook it says that “Progressives denounced the cult of individualism for social connection and cooperation,” (Schaller, 763). Progressives wanted to do things that would be beneficial to the greater good of all mankind, unlike bosses that controlled the city only looking to please themselves. During the progressive era, people believed in American dream and how hard work will lead into success. This era was notable for political reform, the era was focused on change, and how politics could be changed for the better. There is three fictional families in Ragtime that face the social unjust that was going on during this time period. These three families, in fact, are a good representation of life was…show more content…
He started out poor, but after giving his body and soul for his performance career he acme successful. Houdini crossed paths with many people, including the family, showed the similarities to the situations between the two people. Houdini and the Father worked hard to sustain their family and this was what the progressive era was all about. Many families in this time period sent their children to work because that was the only way to provide for the family. While the intentions were good, at the end the children suffered with bad working conditions and many years of their lives. The family was just looking to better their lives and the lives of their children. This was what the progressives wanted for everyone, they wanted to everyone to have equal opportunity to succeed. This family and the life of Houdini symbolizes the final outcome of the progressive

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