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Heroes are the microscopic source of light in a black tunnel of despair. They will guide the path for those struggling to get through it. After decades of releasing To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee ingeniously creates a hero that is admired by young and old readers. Atticus Finch, the lawyer defending a colored man, is the hero of his time. He is standing up for an unfavored opinion that could potentially cause him harm. However, opposing views such as Christopher Metress does not fully agree with the heroic tale of Atticus Finch. Despite the critics views, Atticus stands with attached integrity, selflessness, and great awareness on social justice. Christopher Metress views claims that he is selfish; “Atticus’s focus is distinctly on himself and not his client Tom Robinson” ( Metress 147) , when in fact Atticus…show more content…
Jem acknowledges his strange way of transportation because normally Atticus uses his legs to get to places. Curiously, Jem, Scout and Dill follow Atticus and they find him and a group of mobbers in front of Maycomb jail looking for Mr Robinson. “You know what we want, get aside from the door Mr. Finch. “You can turn around, Heck Tate’s around somewhere.” Heck’s bunch’s so deep in the woods they won’t get out till mornin’( Lee 202). In this scene, the group of men were looking to harm Mr.Robinson and Atticus is vulnerable to any sense of protection, yet he stands his ground and does not leave the jailhouse. His act of valor contradicts the opposing view of Atticus being a selfish character because in the absence of the sheriff's protection, Atticus does not consider the danger his life is at, he rather focuses on the life of the a colored man. More importantly, the benevolent and liberal attitude that he expresses during this scene implies that he deeply cares about the fate of his client , Mr. Robinson. To further oppose the view that he is a selfish man, Atticus denies any form of recognition from the

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