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Athena Do you know who's Athena? Well Athena is one of the 12 gods and goddesses and she is the goddess of wisdom and war (or military victory). She is the daughter of Zeus but her birth is quite confusing since she had no mother. Well there are some myths that she did had a mother. She was the patron goddess of Athens after a contest between Poseidon after she offered her olive tree to the Athenians and she was really fierce, intelligent, and brave that's why she was the goddess of wisdom and war. She invented the bridle which allowed the men to tame horses, the trumpet, the flute, the pot, the rake, the plow, the yoke, the ship, and the chariot. And she was Zeus's favorite child and was allowed to use his weapons including his thunderbolt.…show more content…
But a myth has is that Athena did had a mother. It says that Zeus wanted to prevent Athena from becoming the lord of heaven he swallowed Metis (Athena's mother) while she was still pregnant. Then Hephaistos opened Zeus's forehead with an axe and Athena stepped out in full body armor. Another myth has it that Metis already knew this was going to happen so she ran and with the power to change into anything she wanted, she did. She changed into hawks, fishes, and serpents. Zeus could also do that so he could tell where and what she was. So Metis tried to go as far as she could but gave up. An oracle of Gaea said that Metis first child would be a girl but Metis second child would be a boy so he could overthrow Zeus like it had happened to his father and grandfather. So Metis gave up and went back to Zeus. When Metis was of guard Zeus opened his mouth and swallowed her. Then Zeus started to get headaches. And his howls were so loud it could be heard throughout the world. Then all the gods and goddesses came to see what was wrong. Then Hephaestus not Hephaistos cut open Zeus's forehead and Athena came out in full body armor. This myth is almost the same as the first one but is different in some ways. Athena's…show more content…
She took part in a lot of wars that defended their city and home from outside enemies. That's why she was the patron goddess of Athens. Athena also took part in the Trojan horse. Athena also took part in the war of Penthesilea. She was the one who drove Amazon Penthesileia to face Akhilleus in single combat upon her arrival at Troy. This is what Akhilleus said at the battle "Slumber mist-like overveiled her [the Amazon Penthesileia's] eyes depths like sweet dew dropping round. From heavens' blue slid down the might of a deceitful dream at Pallas' [Athena's] hest, that so the warrior-maid might see it, and become a curse to Troy and to herself, when strained her soul to meet; the whirlwind of the battle. In this wise Tritogeneia [Athena], the subtle-souled, contrived: stood o'er the maiden's head that baleful dream in likeness of her father [Ares], kindling her fearlessly front to front to meet in fight fleetfoot Akhilleus. And she heard the voice, and all her heart exulted, for she weened that she should on that dawning day achieve a mighty deed in battle's deadly toil. Ah, fool, who trusted for her sorrow a dream out of the sunless land, such as beguiles full oft the travail-burdened tribes of men, whispering mocking lies in sleeping ears, and to the battle's travail lured her then!" But Akhilleus died. And after the death of Akhilleus Athena protected his corpse with ambrosia. But this is one of Athenas many

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