Wisdom In Plato's 'Last Days Of Socrates'

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Information Wisdom is different things to different people. It really depends on what aspect it is looked at and how it is used. For the Oxford dictionary defines it as “The quality of having experience; knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.” According to Socrates’ judgement (in my opinion), he is not wise because he is still looking for knowledge. He believes that it is his job to question those that believe they are wise. There is a feeling that Socrates is being disrespectful in questioning the “wise” and making them look foolish. By doing such things as asking questions, Socrates does not believe he is being disrespectful only that he is trying to make them aware that it is not possible to be completely wise in…show more content…
Socrates believes that it is his mission to question the wise. He makes a point several times that he is not wise. He does not argue with the oracle when it states that he is a wise man. That being the case is it not to be believed that at some point (in the far reaches of his mind) he my think that he is wise? The thought making him more confident in asking the “wise” the questions. That the oracle naming him as wise, also gives him license to question other claiming to be wise. The ones Socrates questions are the one who feel they are wise at all things not just in the things they are proficient in, like Woodworking or crafting jewelry for example. Making that distinction is an accurate place to be in choosing whom to question. I can truly see how Socrates may have rocked the “wise” into anger. Which started to be the beginning of the end of people tolerating his ways. No one person likes to be made a fool, so it would stand to reason that the politicians would want him to be stopped. So they put Socrates on…show more content…
First I think he would shot questions back at me. Like what is my take on wisdom? Or how do I feel wisdom is gained. Socrates thus far seems to like being what we call today the “devil’s advocate”. Making us think of the other side of our statements. I believe that he liked to make another person think outside the box. Which made him in my opinion, one of the best thinkers in history. That in its self, made him a wise man the ability to make others rethink their beliefs. For he made people think in new and different directions. In that process he made himself think also. He made everything a learning experience. To learn is to make yourself and others wiser. Whether it is in teaching what you have learned or learning from another. It is my opinion that Socrates was a wise person in the fact that he made people around him think of other points of view. See things in a different light then what we are comfortable in seeing them. He shared with us the ability to be wise enough to admit not knowing things where others were not that comfortable with themselves. I believe that it is not easy to see our own short comings, let alone make them public to all who are around. That is the down fall of many who believe themselves

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