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In the nation I was born in had circulated a legend, illustrated an artist who infuses his colors with dreams, forges his palette with aspiration, waves his brush aerially to fabricate his wonderland; in the world of art I wondered, every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his picture; in the eyes of my parents, be sensitive, perceivable, and creative, then I would enter the marvelous world, as a celebrated artist. Yet I am not an artist, not yet. I was locked up in my dream, in my purgatory. I had been trapped in a dilapidated art studio for years, with glimmers of a dying candle flame. I was holding on to this cumbrous drawing board, starring at the stale sketch paper with incomputable stroke marks, emanating the smell of…show more content…
I plunged into the deep ocean. I dived into frozen waves. I fought the fear. I clambered mountains for a grand view. And there, I found my clarity, my sanctuary. On the couch in front of the Albuquerque museum, our mentor, explained the truth of art to the Lead with the Art organizations participants that there's no certain form of art in the world, same as there's no certainty in life. Every painting has a life of their own that derives from the painter's heart. With my open mind, there's no lines, scratches, stains, or any form of material could restrict dreams and aspirations. Even wastes in life could create a dazzling art piece. With creativity, effort, persistence, and dreams, we raise an oasis in a wasteland, we ramble on the ocean waves, we build the cities on the hill. And the world I come from, the paper I hold tight, the dream lingered in my mind, it is not wasted. And now I am practicing, through the colors in my life, I am practicing how to hold the solid drawing board, how to grip the brushes, how to speak impressively in the flood of words spoken by others, how to combine the elements of diverse cultures, how to extend the colors out to heal others'

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