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Code of Conduct Introduction This code of conduct is a statement of the principles and expectations that guide ethical business conduct of Mad Cafe. Code of conduct is valid for all employee and division in Mad Cafe. An employee should: - Expertise certain ability and skill - Able to do job duties - Fulfill the job requirements - Having a strandard in services and performances Code of Professional Conduct Mad Cafe main line of business is beverages services and services. All employee are expected to apply norms and professional conduct, and also obey the rules and regulation. This Code of Proffesional should be understand and appllied by the employee. Code of Conduct of All Employees Employee is expected to have integrity, good behavior, and…show more content…
 Workplace harassment o Employee has protection for any kind of harassment. o Employee are prohibited to do harassment action. o Employee should report any action regarding harassment to HR manager or to the owner.  Diversity and Equal Opportunity Commitment o All employees without exception is should be treated equally, especially relation with promotion, career prospect, and the equal treatment in the workplace. There is no discrimination regarding the physical appearance, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, citizenship status, color and any other differences. o All employee should report any of discrimination action to HR manager and the owner. The informant should protected under the applicable law.  Gambling Employee is prohibited to do any kind of gambling.  Violence o Any kind of violence activity is strictly prohibited. Employee who engaged in violence activity will be terminated. o Employee that suffered any violence from customer, should report to their supervisor.  Alcohol and drug use o Employee should not consume any kind of alcohol in the working…show more content…
o Employee give our company’s information to public or competitor Code of Conduct of Owners and Manager The owner and manager’s code of conduct could be defined as the expectation from Mad Cafe towards the behavior standard of owner and manager. They are obligated to perform at the highest standard and ethical standard of the company.  The owners should conduct their business in mannerr and prestige to all barista.  Owners and manager should never use confidential information of the company for their own personal benefit or to another entities beside the Mad Cafe.  Owners and manager should not use any of company asset without any permission. Any loan and reimbursement need a legal document and company procedures.  Owners and manager should treat their suppliers and partnership professionally.  Owners and manager should not focus on their personal interest above the company’s interest. The owners and manager should not get the improper personal benefit because from their authority of the company.  A owners and manager shall not accept, receive, seek gift and payments in order to gain favour or dealing with other people or

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