Brief Summary Of Wars By Cheuh-Fu

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These parts of the book about Ming-feng, Chin, and Cheuh-hsin display a lot about the struggle of them pursuing their dreams. Their hopes for their dreams become their sorrows. The brothers are very interested in social change as we learn from their interest in the magazines they read at Cheuh-hsin's office. The ideas in the magazine prepare Cheuh-hui to jump at the opportunity that faces him when he runs into his classmate later that day after the soldiers wrecked the students' play. He joins students in the park to decide on demands they want from the governor. They end up attempting to deliver those demands to the governor but receive no attention. They hand out leaflets in the streets for their campaign to "preserve respect for students." Cheuh-hui's grandfather, Yeh yeh, finds out of his behavior lectures him about it. His oldest brother steps in and says he will watch over him and make sure he doesn't…show more content…
A messenger comes with news that looting is occurring in parts of the city. This is very scary to the people in the house because their house is surely going to be a target. In chapter 24, Ming-feng learns that she is to become a concubine of Master Kao's friend, Master Feng. The night before the wedding she finds Cheu-hui and tells him what is happening. He tells her he is busy and will speak to her later, and kisses her and sends her away. After that, Ming-feng went to the lake and drowned herself because she could not go through with it. Until Ming-Feng's death, Cheuh-hui has never felt the kind of misery and despair that others in his family have felt. He feels regrets about how he treated Ming-Feng. Cheuh-hui sees how his doesn't' mourn Ming-feng's death, but instead they just send another servant in her place. He feels justified in his negative feelings toward his family and their way of life. Cheuh-min senses his younger brothers sadness and helps him by listening and talking with

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