Arguments Against Public Service Strike

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Imagine if all the police officers stopped doing their jobs and go on a strike for better working conditions, or if the teachers stopped teaching to go join a protest for better pay. With no one to maintain peace or to teach children chaos would be the inevitable outcome. Certain laws have been created to prevent these things from happening by withholding the right to strike from public service workers. Striking is a right that should not be given to public service workers for a variety of different reasons. Allowing public service workers to strike can be dangerous to the public as a whole. Other workers’ strikes only affect the company they work for, but public service workers’ can be a lot more of a nuisance to the general public. According to the article Why is It Rare for Public Sector Workers to Go on Strike by Mia Lewis, “Criminals went on rampage after police refused to work.” Another example of how public service strikes are unfair to the public is…show more content…
The article What is a Strike by Sharon Blumenstein states’’ Even if workers strike, there is no guarantee that the employer will meet their demands. Public service workers’ strikes have an even lower chance of succeeding than normal workers’ strikes due to lack of support from the public. It is hard for them to gain this support when their strikes are negatively affecting the public. The article Why Is It Rare for Public Sector Workers to Go on Strike by Mia Lewis states’’ To win the strike…they also have to be seen as righteous and worthy by the public’’ Instead of striking, public sector unions use more efficient methods to resolve disputes with their employers. The article by Mia Lewis describes two such ways as mediation and arbitration. It describes mediation as when an unbiased party helps with the negotiation; arbitration is described as when an outsider is brought in to examine the situation and come up with an irrevocable

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