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Lost The war was unjustifiable in my perspective. Young soldiers were drafted unprepared for what was in store for them. They found themselves lost and with no mental stability. They longed for home day after day and once they are home they suffer more. They are treated with prejudice. It is important to realize, war is a tactic used to defend countries to protect their ideology. Warring countries use machinery operated by armed forces to do this. Soldiers who go into the war mostly seeking glory to become a great hero or warrior. Many are deceived by this notion once they are put into battle on the battleground. In the story by Tim O'Brien in “The Things They Carried” it is about a young soldier in the Vietnam War. The main character Lieutenant Cross is in love with a girl named Martha. He is constantly fantasizing about her. He puts his platoon at jeopardy by doing this.…show more content…
They burned everything. They shot chickens and dogs, they trashed the village well, and they called in artillery and watched the wreckage” (O'Brien pg. 469). The pandemonium one must feel during the war must a burden for anyone to convey. In the story, “The Things They Carried”, it states “They carried grief, all the emotional baggage of men who might die. Grief, terror and love, longing these were intangibles” (O'Brien pg. 472). In other words, the war was a terrible and dismal place whether you are prepared or not. The mental permanence is lost once witnessing the violence. One can only imagine the images of the gruesome deaths they saw day in and out by the foe and what they had to inflict. The smell, the blood, the cries shrieking in the ears of a soldier. With this in mind, those thing they carry in their memories forever. In Thoughts of Home you can see the darkness resonated in the soldiers eyes. I believe having the eyes blackened shows the agony of the

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