Argumentative Essay: Should Women Be Paid?

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Women should be paid the same amount as men, especially in the corporate world along with having access to equal health benefits and compensation packages. We live in a world where women and men are not paid equally. Women have been striving to end the pay gap for decades, but have yet to do so. Researchers have evaluated that it will take until 2059 for pay parity to be declared. For women reading this article, imagine having to wait 44 more years until having the opportunity to gain access to equal pay. Waiting over half a lifetime for equal pay to be established and it isn’t even guaranteed that it will occur is absurd. Depending on the situation, salaries could differ. In high situations, women could receive about $10,000 less than similarly-qualified men. Laws beneficial to women have been established such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Equal Rights Amendment, and the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, but there continues to be gender pay inequality. Workers compensation includes not just wages, but also health and retirement benefits, which are hard for women to access. Women are less likely to be offered retirement plans from their employer. If a woman has a…show more content…
When a working woman cannot obtain health coverage and earns too much to qualify for universal care such as Medicaid, they must turn to the individual health insurance market. Because individual health insurance is not supported financially by an employer, each client must pay the entire value of the premium, which can come at a high cost. Women face discrimination in this market and can be charged more or even declined for health care coverage due to gender relations. Medical debt for women compared to men can be extremely high due to this. Not only do women have to worry about paying for health insurance to make sure they remain healthy, but also they have to finance other necessities such as food, electricity, and

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