Touching Spirit Bear Character Analysis

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Cole Character Profile “He is an innocent-looking, baby-faced, fifteen-year-old from Minneapolis who had been in trouble with the law half his life”, like it says on page five in the book Touching Spirit Bear written by Ben Mikaelsen. Cole Matthews is the main character and focus of the book, he is the protagonist. In my opinion I think that Matthews is very in-tune with himself and, extremely selfish. I think that he is a troubled kid who Doesn’t know how to deal with his problems the right way. He does not respect elders, power of others, or people above him. Matthews does not trust anybody that is not scared of him, as it says on page three. He thinks extremely high of himself, but in reality he is just a kid with mental issues. Issues like,…show more content…
I get that he is angry but he knows better. I would say that children who decide to commit crimes begin at 15, or 16. The thing kids get in trouble for the most often I think are drugs and violence. I know drugs like marijuana and different types of pills are a problem for teenagers and I also know from hearing things in this town that animal abuse is a problem. Punishments for children these ages is normally probation or even juvy. I think it is important to know what could happen if you commit these crimes. In my opinion and many others, this is a serious matter. You are literally breaking the law, and I think that some kids, or even adults do not understand how bad that truly is. Many people who support the jail system believe that locking kids up helps public safety. As Americans I think that there is not a lot that we have to do, like rule wise, so just follow the rules. It’s not super difficult to do. I get that we all want to be our own person and whatever but you can’t really be your own person in prison, there are even more rules there, and people that have a higher value than you. I think that Matthews needs to realize

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