Argumentative Essay On Nuclear Proliferation

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Nuclear Proliferation Nuclear Proliferation has been for the last 50 years one of the most controversial and heated topics of debate because of its importance to international security and the impact nuclear weapons make in the forming of international policy. This paper’s aim is to explain the views of both schools of thought, that of proliferation and the of non-proliferation in addition to strong points in each argument and in addition to revealing the weak spots in their claims as well. In order to properly assess both arguments, the paper will address key issues such as the safety of nuclear deterrence and the effectiveness of disarmament treaties to show the strengths and weaknesses both sides have. To start off, the proliferation argument…show more content…
It is seen that defending international nuclear deterrence as a reliable and trusted form of peace can be easily deflated by nonproliferation arguments. Entrusting governments throughout the world with heightened nuclear offences is not a form of peace but an escalated tension which brinks on nuclear war. On the other hand, it has been shown that nonproliferation treaties are not exactly preventing such a nuclear war from happening. It is obviously not possible to endorse nuclear nonproliferation through allowing a few to maintain nuclear privileges and to refuse the right to others based upon previously accepted status quos. Henceforth, the point of the assessment of such specific issues was ultimately to show that deciding between proliferation and nonproliferation in the world is not as simple as putting one argument over the other; rather, it is seeing both the strengths and weaknesses of each case that finally shows that the presence of nuclear weapons in the world may not be so one

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