Six Thinking Hats Case Study

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Roy and Jones Inc. is a well-known international commerce and investment company. They were formerly known as a progressive corporation that embolden the hiring of women where a greater part of its staff are women. The firm also provide flexible working conditions which include both time and place of work. This means that their employees can have variable working hours depending on their needs and they can even work from home. However, currently the firm faces a bad reputation where they refrain from advancing their female executives to higher positions in offices overseas. They are also alleged for not dispatching their female executives to negotiate contracts in a few countries. This is a huge problem for Roy and Jones Inc. as they might potentially lose customers, drop the workforce morale, and sully the company's name. To overcome the crisis, Roy and Jones Inc. has to come up with ideas and take actions to regain their fame. To do this they have to show evidence showing their case of more female in the firm to the pubic. One of the recommendations to do this is to assign more women to more…show more content…
This method is useful because when we discuss a topic, we try to think too much at a time. The Six Thinking Hats allows us to focus and pay full concentration on one angle of a thought instead. When our group was discussing, we used this method. First, one member wears the white hat and lists down all the facts and problems faced by Roy and Jones Inc. Then, when expanding more on the problems and giving recommendations, the member with red hat was expressing how the women would feel given the current situation. That person would point out that it is sexist and unfair for women that female executives would not get the contract and promotions overseas. She suggested that the company should have gender equality and tries promoting for other senior

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