Comparison Essay: America Vs. Finland Education Systems

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America vs Finland Education Systems Two vastly different countries in terms of land mass, population, and geographical location also have completely different ways of educating their people. Finland has little diversity and their teachers are well respected. America has diversity among cultures, ethnicities, and teachers aren’t looked up to as much. Both systems are similar in that the standard education amount is twelve years and classrooms are relatively taught in the same manner. Although America and Finland’s education system’s aren’t quite similar at the surface, the differences are quite clear. When looking at the main differences between both student bodies it is evident that America is highly diverse, while Finland has practically the same ethnicity everywhere. Classrooms usually have a variation between two or more ethnicities in an average American school. On the other hand, a Finnish classroom usually might hold, just one, maybe two, different races. Diversity…show more content…
In a typical American classroom, a person would see students seated in desks, a special education teacher providing help for them, and a teacher giving directions. This also describes the way they educate in Finland, other than a few differences. Finland goes off a system where they sit down and teach for forty-five minutes, then the students get a fifteen minute outdoor break after each period. As this author states, “Students eagerly exited the room for their break and returned at the appointed time with the same eagerness!” (Taylor), it seems like a break energizes and allows the kids to concentrate on learning. This is fairly similar in America where students, usually in grades (K-6), would have up to three outside recesses, a day. The environment the students are taught in accounts for success, but the teachers are the engine to the whole

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