Antigone Character Analysis

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Attitude is everything when it comes to ones life. The way you present yourself in front of others and the ones that will decide your fate is crucial, but do you stand for what you believe in or do you show respect to those who rule over you. Antigone is an extremely hard headed, stubborn woman that fears no one above her and will stop at nothing to accomplish what she believes is right. Ismene, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. She believes that you should respect the people over you whether you like their ruling or not and if you have to break the law then do so quietly. Antigone has decided to go against the law of the king and burry her bother, for most that would seem like an honorable act, but it’s the way she goes about it that brings more of a shame than an honor. The price to be paid for the burial of Antigone’s brother is death. That never seems to dross her mind; she is happy to burry her brother and quick to boast about doing so knowing the consequence that it will bring. In our society it is okay to stand up for what you believe in but not to brag about it. I agree with Antigone’s…show more content…
If Antigone would listen to Ismene than they would be the perfect match: one to follow her own will and the other to make sure she knows when to stop. Sadly, Antigone can not bge reasoned with by Ismene she is determined to do what she wants, the way she wants, and when she wants. No matter how hard Ismene tries to reason nothing works. Sometimes you have to let people go and make mistakes so that they will be able to learn from them. This is how Antigone and Ismene are similar in a way that they both love their brother and they both want to do what they see is right it’s just their opinions on right and wrong are completely different. They know what needs to be done and both want to see it happen but Antigone takes matters into her own hands and refuses to take advice from

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