10-90 Rule

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Basically, the 10 refers to 10% of life, standing for the things objectively happen to us in the real world, which we cannot make any chances on them. But, we decide the other 90% part of life ourselves. In other words, we are in control of the ends that 90% of things in our life are going to, depending on the way that we think and react. Although we cannot change the 10% of life, the good news is that we could still change the outcomes to those things to meet the purpose of minimizing harm and suffering. In fact, our mind would definitely influence our behavior and our response to different situation. Indeed, different reaction and action may lead to different consequences. That’s why in actual implementations, 10/90 rule seems such important…show more content…
Today, Big Data has changed the way that businesses look at the world and lead their attention to data analytics, especially web data analytics due to the increasingly growth of global web-based business. Actually, there are so many companies are struggling to take advantage of data and put huge monetary investment into web analytics. Unfortunately, most of them misunderstand the main purpose of doing web analytics. The most important part is not collecting data and mastering the data as much as we can, but getting the insights based on data analytics that could practically lead actions, and overall understanding about the entire situation and about both of the short-term and long-term effects. It means that companies should put more efforts into analytical human resources than the use of tools or installment of data systems to collect data. The key to achieve successful web analytics is the intelligent people. Only people can really think and come up with the solution. Even if we could use high-tech tools to deal with data, all of things are meaningless if we cannot fix the problem finally or figure out the solutions that could lead to any measurable or accountable ends, and actual…show more content…
Furthermore, in business world, the 10/90 principle is usually applied to the business decision-making process and is used to guide business managers to do some business investments. But, today the application of this principle in web analytics is highly controversial. Because external environment is changing so quickly, and people’s behaviors become much more complex and are difficult to measure and predict, this simple rule is not enough to help managers to make a good decision that is the practical and beneficial one for the entire business. In addition, because of the economic globalization and worldwide competition, businesses are highly stressful to always make good decisions to allow them maintain the control of the complex condition. The reason why 10/90 rule is such important in actual implementation is that every business decision cost money and time. Every tiny mistake may cost them a lot of money and time. A right decision to do investment means protecting shareholders’ benefits and even bringing more values to them. Basically, for web analytics, the 10/90 principle helps businesses simply figure out in the entire web analytics process witch part should take the 10% of contributes and which part should take the other 90%. Besides, the question could be transferred to whether

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