Analyse The Factors Which Promote Children's Holistic Development

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Holistic development is when you are looking at a child holistically, to see if the child is meeting the whole needs for them to be fully rounded and universal on all aspects of development. Holistic development is looking at the child as a whole person – so they look at all aspects of development which creates that child. All the aspects of of development are the following: Physical Intellectual Language Emotional Social Spiritual Symbolic Behaviour Cultural Communication All these individual areas of development creates that whole child because they are connected together, it is like a jigsaw puzzles where all the piece fit together. However, it can be difficult sometimes when looking at a child holistically because sometimes not all…show more content…
The children's emotion can vary depending on their mood and the child alone Social – This is seeing how the children socialises with others, for the children to be able to have their own identity and sometimes if a child socialises a lot with a particular child or worker they may have an attachment to them and the children's will have self-concept so the child will their own image on their self Spiritual - This is where the child has got a relationship with their self, other children and people and the universe Symbolic Behaviour - This is how the child represents themselves, how the child plays and how they use their creativity and imagination Cultural - This is looking at the child's cultural background and what and also how they have been brought up. This can also look at how the child is developing, to identify if the child has a disability or

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