Oedipus And The Pearl Quiz Essay

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1) Oedipus sent Creon at Delphi seeking guidance because he knew that there was a plaque of infidelity that stroke the city of Thebes and that crops were no longer going to grow and women no longer be able to conceive children, so he was worry about his wife not being able to carry children for him. 2) Teresias didn’t want to tell Oedipus that he was the unwitting murderer of his father and that really did marry his mother, that’s why he didn’t give him a direct answer. 3) It was fair to call himself the worst of the men because he prophecy that he would have wanted to fulfill which was to kill his father and marry his mother, and all that brought disaster on his family and his town. 4) Even though Mama, Ruth, Beneatha and Walker lived in the same house, their…show more content…
g) Walter who had a dream to own his liquor store, be wealthy and take care of his family, his dream was differed by being a chauffeur and having a low class, law pay job all his life. Walter thought that the color of his skin played a role in his situation. And at the end Walter learned that, family was more important than wealth at the end of the story. 5) This problem is still relevant today in a way that we still dealing with racism daily, the feeling of inferiority base on the color of the skin still exist, the feeling that one cannot hold a great job position because of color is permanent, the poverty still exist, a lot of people live in houses full of cockroaches and poverty. We still have cohabitation, family living together with mother and adult married children in the same house. 6) An example of alliteration is In Those Winter Sundays ``Forgetting your coffee spreading on our

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