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“Homeless” was about a woman named Anna Quindlen who looks into the thoughts and minds of the homeless people, learning how we should pay more attention to the people rather than the homes themselves. She begins by talking to someone named Ann who claims that the conversation they were having was a waste. Ann was simply wandering. The woman gives Quindlen a picture of a house. Quindlen is interested by her statement and the picture, and she is sent off into a collection of her thoughts. Quindlen explains how Ann wasn’t alone, adrift or anonymous – she had a house once, and she was still a person. Quindlen continues on by describing how she enjoys the little details of her own house. She elaborates by saying how homes give her predictability and privacy. Over time, however, the idea of homes have changed. Homes aren’t just buildings of safety. People move frequently, and Quindlen understands this. She knows that every individual has a different image of home. Finally, she finishes with her powerful statement of how people are not doing enough for the homeless people. She points out how people tend to ignore the homeless people and throw them under one category, thinking that this problem can be fixed later. What does the word home mean to you? Does it involve material…show more content…
I don’t try to be different in other environments. I try really hard to be myself and not care what other people think. Ignoring the words of other people is harder than I once thought. Home, on the flip side, is a place where I can 100% be myself. I laugh like a maniac at silly clips on YouTube, I geek out over theories of wormholes and interstellar space travel, or I read morbid crime books aloud to immerse myself in the atmosphere. Home is such a familiar setting. I’m the author of the story, and I write the scenes how I see fit. Home is allowing me to feel like I’m in control of my life. It’s a place where I can fall back and

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