Animal Farm Power Corrupts

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Power is an abstract concept;you only have power if a multitude of people accept your rule. Can the rush of having absolute power corrupt someone? On Animal Farm the pigs,mostly corrupt have always been the leaders of the animals, even with Jones. Through the course of the rebellion with no one to keep them in check, the pigs power slowly corrupts them. Their corruption causes them to neglect their duties to their subjects and use their power only to benefit themselves. The pigs change for the worse when they gain continuous power in the book. To reinforce his power Napoleon,the corrupt leader uses force to solidify his rule of the farm. His use of force stops any hope of rebellion on the farm. Napoleon uses other ways to stay in control other than force. The rest of the…show more content…
Napoleon and the pigs changing actions throughout the book in a reflection of their power prove that power that goes unchecked in a government can cause a political and humanitarian disaster The pigs behavior gets more despicable and baltent the further their power increases. Old Major's speech is one of the most important parts of the beginning of Animalism. His speech is what lays at the foundation of Animalism, and what encourages the animals to rebel. There are a lot of stirring things in Old major’s speech pointing out some of the many inequalities each animal has to face. He speaks of how the cows milk should belong to the cows and go to their children and not to the men. How the hens eggs should under the hens control. One of the most important things he preached was how each and every animal should be allowed to live life to the very end. When Old Major dies and the corrupt pigs come to power all of these morals are forgotten in the rush to power. When the animals over through jones they have a surplus of everything such as milk. Instead of the milk going to the cows or having it evenly distributed among the animals like the principles of animalism would
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