And Then There Were None Mystery Essay

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Puja Kranz-Howe Professor Silverman Mystery Research Paper TitleWhat is your title? Successful mystery works combine the author’s imagination and the reader’s intuition to allow a collaborative story telling experience. Agatha Christie is considered one of the more well-known mystery writers because she crafts a unique relationship between story and audience. As evidenced in And Then There Were None, Christie creates literary puzzles that entice the reader through the use of realistic characters, setting-grounded problems and clue-based solutions that both rely on and challenge the reader’s suspicions. For the events in a mystery to be believable they must have realistic characters (and settings), otherwise the reader gets confused and…show more content…
The following quote reveals that it is realistic for any of the characters accuse one other for criminal activity. “Blore said deliberately: ‘It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve made-if that gramophone record is to be believed!’ ” (198). With the knowledge that the character’s are the only ones on the island, Blore is able to accuse Armstrong. It is possible for all of the characters to be suspects of the crimes because they all were all accused of crimes. The setting of the story also supports the idea that one of the characters is the murder since there is no one else on the island. To conclude that one of the characters is the murderer, is a reasonable possibility. As the character’s start to put together the events in the story, they realize there relationship to each other. If the characters closely monitor all of the others actions, there is a possibility to pin point the criminal. Christie creates a realistic problem with realistic clue that can be put together. This makes the situation more believable to the reader and the motivation to figure out the murderer’s
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