Who Is Woland In Ivan Splits Into Two

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The novel is not involves just one or two stories, is more about love, darkness, life and death. In “Ivan Splits into Two,” Ivan is in the hospital, he has attempted to write a report about the event that causes Berlioz’s death. However, he hesitates to do so because he cannot find a proper way to convey his interaction with the devil, Woland. The nurse, Praskovya Fyodorvna discovers that Ivan is crying, so the doctor gives him injection which makes Ivan feel better. Ivan has split in two. He has conversation with himself. A deep voice calls Ivan a fool, which makes him happy, and then he sees a man stands on the balcony, who tells him to keep quiet. The old Ivan points out to the new Ivan that professor Woland predicted Berlioz’s death. For Ivan, he can no longer make sense of Berlioz’s death and Pilate’s story. Even though Ivan still dreams of Pilate at every full moon, the new Ivan is unwilling to tackle such a disturbing issue, get rid of Berlioz’s death. Ivan’s journey towards consciousness, involves Woland. Woland is frequently referred to in the novel as a foreigner. Woland and his…show more content…
According to Russian Studies in Literature, Jan Vanhellemont states, “In 1929, the Russian Association of Proletarian Writers became the official government agency overseeing the political content of literary works. Bulgakov found himself unable to publish because his ideologies did not conform to those of the Communists” (2). Like the Master, the novel he writes is against the communist literary establishment. Even though the objective conditions are hard for literary work, Bulgakov did not give up his writing. In the next ten tears, he continuous working on The Master and Margarita. It was not published until the government of Soviet Union had become more open to “intellectual differences to the party

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